near Babb Montana

           beer & wine

                             Margarita                                                                                               Golden Margaritas    
       fresh lime juice, Juarez tequila, triple sec                                          fresh lime juice, Juarez tequila, Grand Marnier

make it huckleberry! with our house made huckleberry reduction

Go Cadillac! try your margarita with Grand Marnier and one of our specialty tequilas -
ask about our current selection - you never know what you'll find!

                             HuckTini                                                                                              Two Sistas Twista     
             huckleberry vodka, triple sec,                                                           Malibu rum, vodka, house made lemonade 
         house made huckleberry reduction                                                                               of the day

                              Daquiri                                                                                                   Golden Daquiri     
       fresh lime juice, white rum, triple sec                                                      fresh lime juice, white rum, Grand Marnier


                      White Wines                                                                                                    Red Wines
               Canyon Road Chardonnay                                                                      Canyon Road Cabernet Sauvignon  
             Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio                                                                                 Dancing Bull Zinfandel
                Dark Horse Chardonnay                                                                           Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon
                Aligote White Burgundy  
                  La Marca Prosecco                                                                                              Gascon Malbec  
                          (sparkling)                                                                                           Domaine de Couron Syrah    


                         Domestic Beers                                                                                             Microbrews    
             Miller Lite, Budweiser, Bud Light                                                    Wheatfish, Wild Huckleberry, Summer Honey
                                                                                                                         Dump Truck Summer Bock, Troutslayer
                                                                                                                     Going to the Sun IPA, Fat Tire, Moose Drool