near Babb Montana

​          Two Sisters Café is a small, family run café open seasonally from the beginning of June to the end of September. We are located on the eastern edge of Glacier National park in northwestern Montana in a remote, but beautiful area. If you enjoy the outdoors - hiking, fishing, boating, horse riding, amazing photography, and more - this is a fantastic, unforgettable place to spend your summer. We hire employees from all over the United States and the world to work hard, play hard, and have one of the best summers of their lives! We hire approximately 26 employees to work in the café as line cooks, servers, hosts, prep cooks, bakers, and dishwashers. Experience is, of course, preferred, but only required for line cook and server positions. We are a very busy café and the work environment is high energy and very physical. Employees must be able to work well under pressure and maintain a positive attitude while adhering to stringent quality standards.
          All positions are full time with a standard five day work week. We try very hard to give consecutive days off to every employee, but occasionally split days off or six day weeks are assigned. Employees should be prepared to work through the season, with a maximum number of three consecutive days off only upon special request and with advance approval. Wages are based on experience, with non server positions starting at $10.00/hr. Every employee is eligible for a bonus at the end of the season at the completion of their contract and after leaving employee housing clean and in good condition. All bonuses start at $1.00/hr and increase based on position, experience, and seniority. All positions are tipped positions with the servers tipping out 30% from the tip pool. Our baking team receives 5% of the entire tip pool. Employees must purchase Two Sisters t-shirts (at a deeply discounted rate) and wear them with either jeans or shorts, and sturdy, closed toe shoes with non slip soles.
          Employee housing is offered at $5.00/day for first year employees, with a sliding reduction for return employees. Rent is inclusive of all utilities, but does not include a meal plan. Housing costs are withheld from paychecks with a signed contract, and we do not require a deposit of any kind. However, employees bonuses are based in part on the condition of housing both in maintenance and cleanliness upon departure. Employee housing is in cabins with a maximum of four employees in one cabin. Each cabin has basic cooking facilities and a shower bathroom. Kitchenettes are stocked with basic dishware and pots / pans. Employees are responsible for their own meals when not working at the café. Bedding is not provided, and each employee should be prepared to bring sheets and blankets for a single bed (nights can be quite chilly, even in the middle of the summer), as well as their own towels. We REQUIRE that each employee have a set of single sheets and use them. There is no television, phone, or internet access in employee cabins, and the only cell service available in our remote area is Verizon or Sprint (which uses Verizon towers).